We believe that development should form part of a wider strategy to improve the lives of the communities it affects. It should be beautifully designed, well connected, rigorously justified and sustainable in every way. Some of the literature available here outlines our philosophy, while other documents are useful in forming a detailed understanding of the context in which our developments will sit.

Gascoyne Places publications – Strategic Central Hertfordshire 2021

These documents seek to outline a future for Hatfield in Central Hertfordshire, taking a strategic approach to tackling the major problems we face across our communities.

Gascoyne Estates are seeking to secure interest from a partner to deliver Hatfield Innovation Campus on a site within their freehold ownership

A Vision for Hatfield

Hatfield and Central Hertfordshire is at a crossroads. In order to achieve the prosperity our communities deserve, we must grasp the opportunity to create vibrant, connected and beautiful new places, with high quality jobs and infrastructure for all.

Transport for Hatfield

The potential of Central Hertfordshire can be unlocked with coherent and high-quality transport infrastructure. Gascoyne Places proposes a solution to Central Hertfordshire’s connectivity crisis which would reduce congestion, decarbonise and get people to where they need to be.

A Green Infrastructure Strategy

Green space is vital for mental health and wellbeing. It is also the cornerstone of a more sustainable future. In this document we explore opportunities to create meaningful green infrastructure which boosts biodiversity, prevents urban sprawl and improves wellbeing.

Gascoyne publications – Local Plan

These documents have been produced to provide clarity on Gascoyne’s approach to the Local Plan.

A Strategic Overview

A Strategic Overview to the Welwyn Hatfield Local Plan, provides a concise overview of representations made by Gascoyne Cecil Estates. The summary includes details of each of Gascoyne Cecil Estates sites together with proposals for green infrastructure and a sound long term plan.

The Case for a New Hertfordshire Village

The Case for a New Hertfordshire Village puts forward the case for new villages as a viable approach to tackling the housing crisis. Given that villages housed a huge majority of the British population for much of the last millennium and that the English rural idyll still pulls people out of cities today, this brochure suggests that – as one of several housing delivery models offering answers to the present housing crisis – it is time for a rebirth of the English village

The Pattern Book, Part 1 & Part 2

The Pattern Book provides greater detail on each of Gascoyne Places’ strategic development sites. Clear analysis is provided of design principles including densities, road hierarchies and landscaping.


A Vision for Hatfield 2016
Transport for Hatfield 2016

A Green Infrastructure Strategy 2016
Infrastructure Charrettes

These documents relate to public events held by Gascoyne in order to further understand the critical issues facing Hertfordshire.

Development Charrettes

These papers are the result of extensive engagement with the communities in which we seek to develop. We believe that community engagement must be meaningful, responsive and ongoing throughout the development process.

Stanboroughbury & Symondshyde
Old Hatfield

Design Codes
The Prospectus

2015 Prospectus

The prospectus sets out the ethos behind Gascoyne Cecil Estates approach to management and how in order to maintain the high standards of the past and adapt to today’s demands, it is crucial that the estates remain fully engaged with their respective communities. To preserve the best of what we already hold, improving this with new homes, high-quality public spaces and thriving businesses all of which will provide employment and support to local communities for years to come.

Wolfson Economics Prize 2014

How we would deliver a new Garden City which is visionary, economically viable, and popular