Green Corridor

Preserving the Character, Value and Benefits of Hertfordshire’s Open Space

Good planning requires collaboration between landowners, councils, civic societies and other stakeholders, because it extends beyond the boundaries of individual sites. Even if well-planned, and beautifully designed, a new neighbourhood cannot succeed without taking into account its broader environment.

We have, for some time, advocated the creation and safeguarding of a green corridor stretching across Central Hertfordshire from Hertford to St Albans. This will provide the opportunity for greater public access to green spaces, maintain the historic separation between the Central Hertfordshire towns and thereby safeguard the mental and physical health wellbeing of future generations in years to come.

The green corridor will:

  • Safeguard against coalescence
  • Safeguard existing green space whilst providing increased public access and links
  • Strengthen the existing network of cycle routes to encourage sustainable travel and the enjoyment of the outdoors
  • Improve understanding of our local environment
  • Establish a site survey regime, an appropriate agri-environmental management scheme, and a site access strategy, alongside a discreet regime of protection. These will preserve and enhance the River Lea and flood meadows
  • Strengthen local communities, including children’s independent mobility, by reducing car dependency and its concurrent social isolation
  • Provide various opportunities for more woodland planting
  • Protect and enhance wildlife habitats for specific local species
  • Manage access to the river
  • Provide open space for us now, and our future generations
  • Preserve and enhance the character and setting of heritage assets and listed buildings.GC-Logo