Infrastructure Charrettes

Giving communities a voice

Considering the future of Hertfordshire

Through our series of Infrastructure Charrettes, we have attempted to stimulate discussion about the future of our county.

The first event in 2017 looked at the general challenges associated with a growing county, identifying short, medium and long term priorities. Since then, we have focussed on transport, workplaces , the digital economy, and east-west connectivity.

It is vital that we address these issues proactively, and that the people of Hertfordshire have a say. We value the contributions of our various partner organisations, including the University of Hertfordshire, the Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce, The Royal Veterinary College and of course, Hertfordshire County Council.

It is hoped that by bringing people together at such events we can collaborate in making Hertfordshire an even better place to live and work.

Upcoming events

We hope to see you at our next event. Dates, times and topics of discussion will be posted here.

Copies of all our publications are available on our literature page.