Arm and Sword Lane

Characterful housing and offices built with modern techniques

Arm and Sword lane is a development of housing and office space opposite Hatfield station. The site was previously derelict, home to some unattractive garages and a dense bank of brambles and dead trees. The process began with the Old Hatfield charrette in 2008, and the development was complete by 2013.

Our approach was to mix high quality housing with modern and attractive office space. We focussed on the delivery of beautiful housing with traditional features, but complemented this with environmentally friendly technology.

All the houses on Arm and Sword Lane are finished to the highest possible standard, are incredibly efficient, and are heated by ground source heat pumps instead of fossil fuels.

We are proud to have rejuvenated this part of Old Hatfield, forming a basis for our ongoing work in the area.