Old Hatfield

Updates on the regeneration of Old Hatfield

The date has been set for an exhibition to discuss the future of Salisbury Square. Monday 8th July, 14:00 til 20:00. You will find us on the second floor of York House. Feel free to drop in during the afternoon. A full invitation can be found here.

If you are unable to attend the exhibition, we would still appreciate your feedback. A survey will be published after the event.

Any additional points can be sent to Peter at p.mitchell@gascoyneplaces.org.


It is a little over 10 years since the Old Hatfield charrette.

Several of the projects discussed at that event have been successfully completed.

  • Our work at Hatfield station has delivered a much improved experience for travellers who now enjoy new services in a more attractive building. Additionally, traffic calming measures and a designated drop off point have resulted in a safer and more convenient station complex.
  • Arm and Sword Lane and Dunham Mews have seen significant development, rejuvenating the area and transforming previously derelict land into exemplary housing.
  • The building at Church Lane has resulted in an increased number of dwellings and an aesthetic more fitting to Old Hatfield’s character.
  • We have completed the renovation of York House, providing new retail and office space for local businesses, hopefully sowing the seeds for a community hub in the future.
  • Improving the visitor access to Hatfield Park at George’s Gate has resulted in a reduction in queuing on the Great North Road, and cessation of using Church Street as an exit route.

In total, this represents an investment of around £20 million. However, there is work still to be done.

Salisbury Square

It is a source of disappointment for Gascoyne and the community of Old Hatfield that the plans for rejuvenating Salisbury Square are yet to see significant progress.

Due to the amicable dissolution of the original joint venture with Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council, Gascoyne is now the sole developer. We are in negotiations with the owners of Blackhorse House (currently occupied by the JobCentre) to secure a land swap necessary for a new pedestrian access to the square, though this is proving challenging. This is a complex endeavour involving multiple parties, and no single individual stakeholder is preventing the delivery of the scheme.


Recent months have been spent working with consultants and a professional team to reassess the project in terms of its costs, challenges and technical delivery, which includes discussion with neighbouring owners. It is now clear that the plan as submitted for planning consent is no longer viable as construction costs have spiked dramatically in recent years. The other challenges we face in negotiating the current plan are not insurmountable. It is for this reason that we propose returning the issue to the community of Old Hatfield and seek fresh consensus on the route forward. Gascoyne remains wholly committed to the regeneration of Salisbury Square.

Our proposal

It is our intention to:

  • Consider a simplified scheme which is free from the major barriers to delivery.
  • Hold a workshop with the community in order to build fresh support and consensus for the plan.
  • To stay true to the principles, aims and objectives of the 2008 charrette: to create an attractive environment which completes the vision of Old Hatfield and which unifies the elements which have been achieved to date.

With these objectives in mind, we further believe that it is vital for the plan to:

  • Enhance the historic environment and promote long-term sustainability and accessibility.
  • Pioneer new approaches which encourage a change in attitudes towards car ownership.
  • Review local frustrations surrounding car parking and car park management.
  • Strengthen Old Hatfield’s identity in a way which builds upon existing attributes.
  • Revitalise Old Hatfield and retain viable commercial and retail activity.

Next steps

Our next steps are to hold a workshop in early July to establish fresh consensus and momentum. Subject to the formation of a clear way forward, we will rapidly pursue fresh planning permission and implementation.

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with Peter at p.mitchell@gascoyneplaces.org

York House 2008

York House, 2008


Arm and Sword Lane, 2008


Hatfield Station, 2008


Church Lane, 2008


Arm and Sword office space, 2008

York House 2019

York House, 2019


Arm and Sword Lane, 2014


Hatfield Station, 2019


Church Lane, 2016


Arm and Sword office space, 2014