The Digital Economy – Another Workshop in the Hertfordshire Infrastructure Charrette

Monday 22nd October. Gascoyne Cecil Estates and the Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce will host a fifth workshop of the Hertfordshire Infrastructure Charrette focusing on The Digital Economy.

Gascoyne Cecil Estates and the Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce have hosted a series of infrastructure charrettes over the past two years to bring together public and private sectors across the region in the belief that we can achieve more together.

On Monday, we turn our attention to the kinds of economy digital progress will drive globally, and how that will affect Hertfordshire, in the years ahead.

TheĀ principal aimsĀ of the workshop will be to encourage us to consider the following:
  • What is our ambition for digital connectivity in the local area?
  • What does a prosperous, successful Hertfordshire look like in 2030?
  • How can we collaborate to get there faster? How might we galvanise a collective approach

The workshop will be hosted this time by Woodhouse Workspaces, a Hatfield-based workspace designer and provider, from 4-6pm.

Please contact Cosmo at if you would like to attend.