Thank you for your response

Thank you to all members of the community who have given their views on our proposals.

An estimated 250 people came through the doors of York House to talk to our team. The event was overwhelmingly positive in terms of the aim to regenerate this vital piece of Old Hatfield. We noted a general sense that progress was the most important thing – everyone wishes to see Salisbury Square regenerated as soon as possible.

The public mood was also tested by the response to our survey. A total of 134 people gave feedback, with 88 on paper surveys and 46 online. The survey has now closed, and the results will be analysed in the coming days. A report showing the results – as well as the anonymised raw data – will be published on our website shortly.

Rest assured we have heard your comments, and are actively considering how to accommodate them into the final proposal. We hope to have a final proposal confirmed as quickly as possible, to enable us to make the necessary arrangements to submit a planning application. More updates will follow.

We are excited to commence the process of improving Salisbury Square.