Historic landowners and their role in delivering sustainable development

Today, Anthony Downs joined a panel of experts in London to discuss the role of country estates in solving the housing crisis. The discussion was hosted by Planning Futures, a think-tank dedicated to creating innovative solutions to the problems facing developers, planners and communities. Anthony’s presentation succinctly demonstrated our track record in consultation and delivery, founded in the sense of obligation and stewardship to the local community, and discussed how this scales up to the larger sites at Symondshyde and Stanborough. He, along with the other panellists, argued for greater involvement by estates in development for a number of reasons. Numerous opportunities can accrue from a longer term approach often rooted in history and collaboration. For example, consolidated land holdings make the process of securing sites immeasurably easier. In addition, estates tend to have a desire to enhance their legacy, planning higher quality settlements and neighbourhoods which are vibrant, diverse and fulfil the needs of their communities. Change in our daily lives is inevitable but these principles combined with a collaborative spirit can deliver truly compelling, sustainable, and enduring places for future communities.

More information on Planning Futures can be found here: http://www.planningfutures.org/

We look forward to making further contributions to Planning Futures’ debate.