Collaborating on Shared Mobility

Gascoyne recently contributed to ComoUK’s annual conference, discussing the importance of mobility in placemaking. ComoUK are a leading charity whose aim is to support the adoption of shared mobility across the UK, working across the public and private sector to highlight best practice and demonstrate the benefits. We are pleased to be working with them extensively as we continue to refine our sites.

Focussing specifically on mobility hubs – local nodes where it is possible to rent a bicycle, a car-club vehicle or even e-scooter – Anthony Downs presented Gascoyne’s approach to incorporating numerous modes and options in Gascoyne sites in order to improve sustainability and reduce car dependency.

As we look to address the congestion and pollution created by excessive car use, it will be important to set the conditions for residents of Hertfordshire to move quickly, cheaply, safely and conveniently. This will require public and shared transport options to be embedded within new communities and serve existing communities, too. Connecting transport infrastructure will unleash the potential of Central Hertfordshire and provide opportunities for all.

Click here to watch the presentation, and look out for the forthcoming launch of ‘Transport for Hatfield 2021’ which seeks to spark debate around solving the problem east-west connectivity in Hertfordshire.