Advocating for estates with Planning Futures

On the 8th of May, Anthony Downs will be sharing Gascoyne’s development experience with Planning Futures. Planning Futures is a think tank dedicated to the improvement of the planning system in the UK, boasting a list of experienced and influential advisors. The event will focus on the role of estates in delivering local development – both in the form of housing and the infrastructure which supports it. Planning Futures aims to explore how estates can take a more proactive role in delivering sustainable development by taking a longer-term view, one which is not always shared by more typical commercial developers. The event will also discuss how best to accommodate estates in the planning system, and unlock the potential for responsible growth. We look forward to sharing our vision for development around Hatfield and demonstrating the positive role estates can play in placemaking and the creation of healthier, happier and more prosperous communities.

A summary of the event will be posted soon.