York House

Office and retail space for 21st century Old Hatfield

The refurbishment at York House has been successfully completed. We are delighted to have brought a new face to a landmark building within Salisbury Square – a key aspect of the Old Hatfield charrette in 2008. Work has been undertaken to the highest possible standards, with modern and environmentally friendly building techniques.

When Gascoyne purchased the building in 2004, as part of our strategy to regenerate Old Hatfield, York House was structurally sound but visually tired and decaying. We established that it was feasible to adapt and renew the building, avoiding demolition. Whilst the core structure was retained, recladding and new windows have significantly improved the thermal efficiency of the building while the installation of a lift has ensured that it is accessible to all who may use it. We thank Hertfordshire builders, MP Building Ltd., for their professionalism and hard work.

The extensive remodelling required the building to be stripped back to its structural frame before being redesigned in a more complementary style, as part of the future vision for the square as a hub of retail, business and community. We anticipate the high quality office space and retail units will refresh the centre of Old Hatfield, and start the process of bringing more people in to Salisbury Square. Its position – barely two hundred metres from Hatfield Station – makes it an attractive prospect for business. We look forward to welcoming our new tenants, who will be occupying first and second floors, underpinning Old Hatfield as a vibrant mixed-use location. We continue to envisage the ground floor as retail space and will be maintaining our dialogue with a variety of local stakeholders in the weeks ahead.