What Happens Now?

The Local Plan Process

We are about to enter the last stages of the Local Plan process. 

The consultation period runs 30 Aug – 24 October. The Council is running its own consultations giving an overview of the Plan. We will maintain our tradition of engaging with local communities, and will be running site-specific consultations across the borough. This period gives us all the opportunity to meet with developers and councillors, to speak with experts and local residents and to potentially lodge any objections we do have to any of the sites.

At the end of the process the Plan will be examined by an independent inspector.

  • WHBC Consultation Dates - all from 15:30 - 19:30

    • 31 Aug   Green Lanes Primary School
    • 6 Sept    United Reformed Church, Brookmans Park
    • 14 Sept  Civic Centre, Welwyn
    • 22 Sept   The Fairway Tavern, WGC
    • 30 Sept   Cuffley Hall

  • Gascoyne Cecil Estates Consultation Dates - all from 15:00 - 20:00

    • 3 Oct     Lemsford Community Centre
    • 7 Oct     Creswicks
    • 10 Oct   Green Lanes Primary School
    • 13 Oct   Marshmoor

If our sites remain in the Local Plan once the inspector responds with his or her findings, we will continue to engage with the local communities in the pursuit of sustainable, quality, attractive and innovative new places in Central Hertfordshire.