Sharing our experience with the TCPA

Last week, Anthony Downs shared the successes of the Hatfield charrette series with a varied audience from the world of planning and local government, all seeking guidance on how to achieve greater public engagement.

His presentation focussed on the iterative and developmental nature of a charrette. Ultimately, the process is about openness and transparency: providing a platform for those who feel voiceless and frustrated, and to genuinely engage with the process of improving their community. We strongly believe that the only way to develop responsibly and sustainably is through gaining the consent and support of those who live locally now, and to carefully consider the needs of those who will live and work in the community in the future.

The presentation generated an engaging discussion and sparked further interest in the charrette as a mechanism for public engagement. We thank the TCPA for organising the event, and we look forward to returning in the near future to share more of our experiences with the wider sector.

You can find the TCPA’s guide, ‘People, Planning and Power’ here: