Document Launch – A Vision for Hatfield in Central Hertfordshire

Gascoyne Places is proud to launch an updated suite of documents which outline its vision for Hatfield and Central Hertfordshire. We believe that well designed and located development can unlock the potential of the region and capitalise on its opportune geography.

A Vision for Hatfield in Central Hertfordshire expands upon an idea which is core to our work in the area: that Hatfield and Central Hertfordshire is in a position to seize the opportunities of greater collaboration, and rediscover its pioneering spirit. Hatfield was a centre of cutting-edge aviation advances throughout the twentieth century, and we believe that in can join the life sciences boom in the twenty-first. As a collection of towns, the settlements of Central Hertfordshire can compete with the likes of Oxford and Cambridge and make best use of its enviable connections to the capital and beyond.

In order to do so, a coherent strategy is required: one which ties together the challenges of housing provision, transport connectivity, employment space and green infrastructure. We challenge the various stakeholders across the area to come together and create a happier, healthier and more prosperous Central Hertfordshire.

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