About Us

A Local Landowner Committed to a Long Term Approach

about us

Gascoyne Cecil Estates manage the estates on behalf of the Cecil family. The Cecils (Lord Salisbury, his family and their predecessors) have owned land and property in the area for over 400 years. The principle of responsible business has been practiced for many generations – our sense of responsibility is fundamental to the way the estate has been managed in the past and continues to be run today.

Gascoyne Cecil believe that being a successful and responsible business goes beyond the buildings and land we maintain, the money we commit to charities or the conservation work we routinely undertake. We believe that long term prosperity and success will be achieved in managing the estates in a way that delivers wider benefits for the environment, our tenants, our employees and local communities.

Hatfield has a long and interesting history. A staging post on the Great North Road, a stop on the Great Northern Railway, synonymous with an innovative and pioneering spirit throughout the twentieth century. Birthplace of the jet airliner at the de Havilland aerodrome, and a bold if perhaps imperfect step forward as a New Town. As part of a Central Hertfordshire hub, it can have a prosperous future.

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